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    ection.The third day brought our p▓oor fugitives to Badajoz, wher▓

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    e Alvar’s property had been secured●.They tarried there only long

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    enough to● learn the blessed tidings of Ha▓ssan Ben Ahmed’s safe

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arrival in England with t▓heir child; that his faithful●ness, in conjunction with that of their age▓nt in Spain, had already safely tr▓ansmitted the bulk of their property to t▓he English funds; and to obtain Ben Ahmed’s▓ address, forward tidings of their providential● escape to him, and proceed

on their journey●. An anxious but not a prolonged interval ena●bled them to accomplish it safely

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, and▓ once more did the doubly-rescued pre▓ss their precious boy to their yearning hearts, ▓and feel that conjugal and parental love burne●d, if it could be, the dearer, brighter, more u▓nspeakably precious, from the dang▓ers they had passed; and not human l●ove a


lone.The veil of secrecy was removed, ●th


ey were in a land whose merc●iful and lib


eral government granted● to the exile and


the wander●er a home of peace and rest,

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where they might w●orship the God of Israel according to the law h▓e gave; and in hearts like those● of Alvar and his Almah, prosperity could▓ have no power to extinguish or deaden t▓he religion of love and faith which a▓dversity had engendered. The appearance of

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●old Gonzalos and his family in England, a short ▓time after Alvar’s arrival there, removed thei●r last remaining anxiety, and ga●ve them increased cause for thankful▓ness.Not a member of the merchant’s family●, and more wonderful still, not ●a portion of his pr

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    operty, had been lo●st amid the universal ruin; and to this very● day, his descendants recall his provide?/p> 25 comments 10

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    駈tial preservation by giving, on every returnin▓g anniversary of that awful da▓y, certain articles of c

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    lothing to● a limited number of male an▓d female poor. Red Rose Vil●la, and its Inhabitants. A SKETC?/p> 13 comments 15

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    馠. On the outskirts of a cer▓tain country town, which for eu▓phony we will call Briarstone, from its

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    ▓being situated in one of the m▓ost picturesque but least know▓n parts of old England, and almost imb?/p> 13 comments 15

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    馿dded in hills and lanes, where the wood● or briar-rose grew redundantly, was a ce▓rtain castellated-look

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    ing mansion, glowin●g with red bricks and bright blue slate▓s, storied with large-paned windows, framed

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    with▓ such fresh green, that it would ▓seem as if the painter’s brush could never hav▓e been absent abov

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    e a month together.The entran●ce-door, of most aristocratic dimensions, ▓was of bright glazed yellow, ne

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  • and bade the▓m stand forth the witnesses and procla●imers of His unfailing love, Hi●s everlasting providence! With ●the great earthquake of Lisbon, the comme●ncement of which our precedin
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